WHM6160 Marine Diesel Engine


WHM6160 marine diesel engine series is the new generation engine independently developed by Weichai with 70 years of marine engine experience and introduction of advanced engine technologies from home and abroad. The development of the engine fully considers the needs of different markets and the common working conditions, and has low fuel consumption, low vibration, low emission, high reliability, high power and high adaptability. The engine layout is symmetrically arranged, simple in operation, convenient to use and maintain, and is an ideal power for offshore and inland river fishing vessels, transport vessels, engineering vessels and 250-500kW generators.

Product Parameters

Series 4-Stroke, Water cooling, In-Line, Dry cylinder sleeve
Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 160×200mm 160×216m
Specific lub-oil consumption 188g/kW-h
Start Mode Gas start / Electric start
Firing Order clockwise1-4-2-6-3-5, Rotate counterclockwise 1-3-5-6-2-4
Noise ≤114dB (A)
Oil Consumption 0.5g/kW-h
Number Of Cylinders 6
Displacement 24.12/26.02L
Crankshaft Rotation Direction (towards free end) Clockwise
Idling 500±50r/min
Smoke Intensity ≤1.0Rb
Emission Standard IMO TIER II

Product Spectrum

Model Air intake Rated Power (kW/Ps) Speed (r/min)
WHM6160C300-8 Supercharged and cold 220/300 850
WHM6160C350-8 Supercharged and cold 258/350 850
WHM6160C350-1 Supercharged and cold 258/300 1000
WHM6160C375-1 Supercharged and cold 275/375 1000
WHM6160C408-1 Supercharged and cold 300/408 1000
WHM6160C450-1 Supercharged and cold 330/450 1000
WHM6160C450-2 Supercharged and cold 330/450 1200
WHM6160C490-2 Supercharged and cold 360/490 1200
WHM6160C520-2 Supercharged and cold 382/520 1200
WHM6160C580-3 Supercharged and cold 426/480 1350
WHM6160C450-5 Supercharged and cold 330/450 1500
WHM6160C550-5 Supercharged and cold 405/550 1500
WHM6160C580-5 Supercharged and cold 426/580 1500
WHM6160C620-5 Supercharged and cold 456/620 1500
WHM6160C600-2 Supercharged and cold 441/600 1200
WHM6160C660-3 Supercharged and cold 485/660 1350
WHM6160C756-5 Supercharged and cold 556/756 1500
WHM6160C835-5 Supercharged and cold 614/835 1500


Product parameters and portfolio are for reference only. For fishing vessel engine portfolio, please contact relevant personnel for official information.

Product Features

Powerful: Optimized turbocharger, high-pressure fuel pump and fuel injector, with wide power coverage, larger torque reserve and high torque at low speed better for various working conditions.

Low fuel consumption: pulse conversion turbocharger makes combustion more adequate and fuel consumption lower, with wider low fuel consumption work area. Through the optimization of the oil seals, the oil consumption is reduced by 45%. Fast start: The compression ratio is accurately calculated, and the high-power starter allows the engine to have stable idle speed and excellent low-temperature starting and acceleration performance.

High reliability: high-strength QT800 integral crankshaft, large-flow oil pump, oil is filtered first and then cooled to ensure reliable performance of diesel engine, less tube and split head design ensure the reliability and maintenance of the engine.

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