WP10 Marine Diesel Engine


WP10 diesel engine is the new yacht diesel engine independently developed by Weichai, equipped with the electronically controlled high pressure common rail technology of Weichai's own ECU. The main technical indicators such as fuel consumption and torque have reached the domestic advanced level. With reliable durability, compact structure, quiet and low vibration, strong power, simple operation and fuel economy, it is the ideal power for official ships, cruise ships, passenger ships and transport ships.

Product Parameters

Series 4-Stroke, Water cooling, 4 valve, Common Rai
Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 128×130mm
Specific lub-oil consumption 0.5g/kW·h
Start Mode Electric start
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Noise ≤114dB(A)
Number Of Cylinders 6
Displacement 9.726L
Crankshaft Rotation Direction (towards free end) Clockwise
Idling 600±50r/min
Smoke Intensity ≤1.0Rb

Product Spectrum

Model Air intake Rated Power (kW/Ps) Speed (r/min)
WP10C350-18 Supercharged and cold 275/350 1800
WP10C375-21 Supercharged and cold 275/375 2100
WP10C395-22 Supercharged and cold 290/395 2200


Product parameters and portfolio are for reference only. For fishing vessel engine portfolio, please contact relevant personnel for official information.

Product Features

Minimum fuel consumption low to 194g/kW-h.

Economical and fuel-efficient: BOSCH high-pressure oil pump, common rail, ECU control system, and precise control of injection timing for good acceleration and economy.

Easy maintenance: compact structure, small size, light weight and horizontal air filter that reduces overall engine height and facilitates the layout of the cabin. The design concept is advanced, and the structure is optimized for the user's habits, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

Environment-friendly and comfortable: special marine engine oil sump with large oil storage, good cooling effect, long oil change interval, and easy oil change. The noise is low to ≤111dB(A).

Practicality: Dedicated pointer-type monitoring instruments with Internet access to remotely monitor motor operating status and record generator failures. The high-power charging generator ensures the normal use of the engine monitor and ECU while charging the battery.

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