WP4.1 Marine Diesel Engine


Weichai WP4.1 marine diesel engine series is the newly developed high-speed engine based on marine engine user behavior and working conditions, relying on Weichai’s 70 years of research and development experiences and introduction of advanced technology from home and abroad. The engine has a power of 40-60kW, compact structure, reliable operating, strong power, good economy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The engine is developed according to the application status of similar products in the market. It is an ideal choice of power for small-sized offshore and inland river transport vessels, fishing boats and official business boat.

Product Parameters

Series 4-Stroke, Water Cooling, In-Line, Dry cylinder sleeve
Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 105×118mm
Specific lub-oil consumption 0.6g/kW-h
Start Mode Electric start
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Noise ≤112dB (A)
Number Of Cylinders Four
Displacement 4.09L
Crankshaft Rotation Direction (towards free end) Clockwise
Idling 650±30r/min
Smoke Intensity ≤1.5Rb
Emission Standard IMO TIER II

Product Spectrum

Model Air intake Rated Power (kW/Ps) Speed (r/min)
WP4.1C54-15 Turbocharge non-intercooled 40/54 1500
WP4.1C68-15 Turbocharge non-intercooled 50/68 1500
WP4.1C82-18 Turbocharge non-intercooled 60/82 1800


Product parameters and portfolio are for reference only. For fishing vessel engine portfolio, please contact relevant personnel for official information.

Product Features

Safe and reliable: High-strength engine body, crankshaft and connecting rod; integral cylinder head;

Strong power: Sufficient torque reserve, excellent ship acceleration performance, and suitable for various working conditions;

Cost-efficient and fuel-saving: Large-swirl-ratio throat ω-shaped combustion chamber improves the premixed fuel for good economic performance and clean smoke;

Practical: Closed dual-cycle cooling system and large-flow sea water pump to ensure cooling capacity; real-time monitoring of water temperature, oil pressure and other parameters, with start, over-limit alarm and shutdown.

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