MAN Series Série de moteurs diesel marins

MAN Series

In April, 2008, Weichai signed a production agreement with world No.1 marine diesel engine manufacturer Germany-based MAN AG for the production of L27/38, L32/40 marine diesel engines. These two series, maturely designed by MAN AG, are the latest generation of high-power medium-speed marine diesel engines in the world. With adoption of advanced technologies of module design and separated cylinder unit, they deliver excellent characteristics inclusive of high economic performance and reliability. They can start up and stop by directly using HFO. They are widely used as main power for vessels and platforms. In late 2012, Weichai successfully obtained the permission for production of L16/24 and L21/31 series engines from MAN AG, thus fully preparing itself for high-end auxiliary engine market.

Power Range: 1,000-9,000kW

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