V32/40 Série de moteurs diesel marins


WEICHAI-MAN V32/40 marine diesel engine series is introduced from German Man Company, the world's first marine diesel engine brand, by signing license production agreement. This series uses an overall rigid design for high safety. The cylinder unit is assembled as a whole and is easy to assembled and disassembled. It uses Man’s advanced turbocharger and two-stage intercooling for excellent air intake performance. It uses Man’s SaCosone safety control system for high reliability. It is well adapted for burning MGO, MDO or HFO. This series is mainly used as ship propeller and generator sets. The products used as propeller are divided into 12, 14, 16, and 18 cylinders. The speed is 750r/min, power covers 6000-9000kW, minimum fuel consumption is 181g/kWh, and oil consumption is 0.5g/kWh. The product is of excellent power and economy.

Product Parameters

Series 4-Stroke, Water cooling, Column (V), Supercharged and cold
Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 320×400mm
Specific lub-oil consumption 181g/kW-h
Start Mode Gas start
Noise ≤110dB (A)
Oil Consumption 0.5g/ kW·h
Number Of Cylinders 12/14/16/18
Displacement 386.04/450.38/514.72/579.06L
Crankshaft Rotation Direction (towards free end) Clockwise / Anticlockwise
Idling 300±50r/min
Smoke Intensity ≤1.0Rb
Emission Standard IMO TIER II

Product Spectrum

Model Air intake Rated Power (kW/Ps) Speed (r/min)
12V32/40 Supercharged and cold 6000/8160 750
14V32/40 Supercharged and cold 7000/9520 750
16V32/40 Supercharged and cold 8000/10880 750
18V32/40 Supercharged and cold 9000/12240 750


Product parameters and portfolio are for reference only. For fishing vessel engine portfolio, please contact relevant personnel for official information.

Product Features

Power: Wide power coverage, 6000kW - 9000kW.

Economy: The minimum fuel consumption is 181g/kW·h and the oil consumption rate is less than 0.5g/kW·h.

Reliability: Unique structural design and MAN's advanced SaCoS safety control system guarantee engines’trouble-free operation, and long overhaul interval.

Adaptability: It is well adaptable for burning MGO, MDO and HFO (viscosity up to 700cSt/50°C). It could provide the best supercharging system matching solution according to engine’s working conditions.

Environment protection: Meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the Tier II phase of the engine.

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